What to Look for When Comparing Remote Dog Training Collars

You’re going to need remote dog training collar if you have multiple dogs – which applies to hunting dogs and farm dogs, or if you just so love dogs your home has four. At this point, range becomes crucial – and the usual range of effective transmission can vary, from 500 to more than 1000 meters. Don’t be confused if this is your first time shopping for remote dog training collars: this article is your guide to the features you need.

Small, non-obtrusive profile. In an age of small form factor, the bulky receivers on dog collars are slowly getting out of fashion; so choose a small device on the collar. This also means you’d better choose package that has a small transmitter – unless you want a bulky you carry around. It’s never a bad thing to worry about form, it’s not a compromise these modern days – it’s becoming a must.

Clarity of transmission. Owners of hunting dogs can get worried when their dogs run off on their own into wooden areas of a hunting ground – where transmitters may have a problem. You can avoid this, when your dogs may go beyond effective transmission reach. So get a collar with transmission capability than be relied on even in hills, wooded areas, or even when too many concrete buildings are around.

Rugged design, durable. When you compare features side by side, you might as well look for features that means “rowdy dog resistant.” When dogs are outside, in a park, out on the farm, or deep in the woods, there’s no way to predict when the dog will get soaked, slide into mud, or bump into hard stone. So it makes sense to get a collar than won’t malfunction after getting banged around, or soaked in rain.

Options other than static correction collars. There are some dog owners out there who do not want electric shocks used on their dogs, even when its a low volt current release by a dog training collar. One recommended alternative is the spray kind of collar. You can even choose the type of scent for the spray itself. The most popular choices include citronella and lemon extracts.

More dogs, more collars. Some packages offer either several collars or an option to expand the collars a transmitter can handle by buying collars of the same model. It depends on your budget really. This option can be useful, especially when in the near future you may be getting more dogs to add to your current ones.

You might want a docking station. You might want a remote dog training collar with a decent docking station, because of the convenience offered. Having one usually means a convenient attach-and-leave process and a faster charging time.

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