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There are dogs that love to live outside. There are dog owners that choose to let their dogs live outside. Living outside without a safe, weather proofed, spacious living area is not only dangerous it can be down right miserable for your dog. In this article I will briefly talk about the best ways to build an outdoor kennel without ruining your budget and of course to provided a great shelter for your dog. I have to say few things to you so lets start right away…

Tip 1: Semi-Homemade Dog Kennel. I know dog owners that actually build a dog kennel onto a smaller pre-fabricated dog kennel and believe that they are more cost effective. If you want to make better dog kennel then add something to it. The kennel can save you money in the long run if you plan it correctly starting out with a smaller kennel then adding on.

Tip 2: Use Alternate Materials. Trust me on this you do not have to use chain link or steel to make a great dog kennel. Other alternative materials are PVC, wood, and chicken wire. Use your creativity and look around professional kennels to get ideas for your own kennel system. You can find a specific list of materials in dog kennel plans.

Tip #3: Pre plan the space of a dog kennel. It is essential for a good outdoor dog kennel set up to let your dog move freely and get some exercise during the night. This is crucial organize the dog kennel for the most cost effective covering of the free space in kennel and on your yard . 20-30 feet of running room and 10-20 feet in width may be the best idea for your dog.

Tip 4: The Best Protection Nylon Panels Walls. Build your kennel getting some nylon panels for walls and a roof is an affordable weather proofing solution if you decide to use chain link fencing . For example popular material is nylon panels that can be washed and of course are very breathable on waht is even more important provide protection from the sun and block the wind .

Tip 5: Designing a Cost Effective Roof. You can build an ideal kennel for your dog and everything what you should do is to just choose the best design.

Three proven roof solutions that are both effective and affordable are:

a) Plywood

b) Tarp

c) Canvas

We don’t want our best friend to get hit by a car or some other accident. If you want to know more about how to build a dog kennel visit my website.

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