Why Not Use a Remote Dog Collar?

Do you have a dog that’s so nice to other people? This can be so bad (or good, since other people think it’s cute) that your dog keeps running away from you. It can get to a point when simply visiting your own garden requires you to put your ever-social dog on a leash, else he keeps running away to greet other people. If this scenario is all too familiar, if you have a dog that tends to ignore your calls just so it could run after or bark at other people and other pets, then you need get a remote dog collar.


Some dog owners wish they could make their dogs heed their call at the click of a button, like using the remote control for your television. That, actually, is possible nowadays, with a remote dog collar> In the old days, before the use of transmitters and receivers in dog training programs, obedience training took hours and hours of hard work. That’s because one first had to let the dog do as it wishes, including the bad behavior you want to curb, and when the dog does exactly that, you punish it. Rewards were later offered when the dog heeded your commands.

Modern obedience training

You still need to expose the dog to the situation where it will react in the expected unwanted way, but the transmitter in your hand means it will get a static correction each time it does something you do not approve of. The possible doggie problems are as varied as a grocery list – from chasing cars, to chewing on shoes, to running after small kids.

Immediate results

Should your dog misbehave, and is within sight, you can immediately express your disapproval. The transmitted in your hand acts as a long range leash – the range can start off at under 100 yards up to more than a thousand. So whether you have a problem toy dog or several working dogs on your farm, a remote training collar is worth the purchase.

The way it works

Essentially, a remote dog collar just waits for your transmitted signal to release a static correction. Unlike with a leash wherein you can get physically exhausted, annoyed, and even embarrassed in public for a problematic dog, a remote collar is more convenient to work with. Your constant sending of static shocks whenever the dog misbehaves is the crucial factor in instilling discipline. Your dog learns the association fast and soon you won’t be embarrassed in public, nor would have to be stressed out at a dog that does whatever it wants.

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