Why You Need Pet Doors in Your Home

Contrary to some opinions, having pet doors is not a luxury for pet owners. It most cases it’s a real need. Imagine having to deal with your dog’s whining and uneasiness when it wants to get out of the house. If you have a yard it can play on when supervised, it might want to keep going there. Multiply that annoyance when you have many pets, and you can imagine why a pet door is not a luxury.

Because you want to avoid indoor potty accidents, if possible

You know, it’s likely that cabin fever hits animals as acutely as it does people. Keep a pet long enough in your house and you’ll feel that it feels imprisoned. Suppose your pet has marked its territory by peeing here and there, not a problem if its in the potty area – but what if it pees everywhere in your home? That’s a lot of cleaning up that you could avoid had your pet not been holed up for so long indoors. It’s bad enough that one’s laundry basket can smell of sweat and all, but to add your pet’s pee scent that? That’s bad. If you keep books and other items on a low shelf, prepare to accept the fact that that will smell of pet pee, too. Here’s something probably worse – if you leave your laptop with the lid open, or your computer’s bulky processing unit on the floor, your pet may pee on that as well.

You furniture will get scratched – it’s fact of life with cabin-feverish pets

Granted you won’t always know what your pet may do outdoors, there’s no telling the extent of what they could do indoors. So far, we’ve discussed the potty accidents segment. It’s bad enough that your personal stuff will be peed on, but they may become scratched up as well. It doesn’t matter if you already set up a good scratching post for them – they’ll scratch anywhere else just the same. Claw marks on walls, scratches on chairs, yanked down curtains – you will get used to seeing these.

Tumbled over items – you may need to clean up more often than not

Cats can jump and of course they can jump higher. Like the table, or the higher shelves.
If you regularly leave uncapped bottles or half eater food, you’re going to see them rummaged through and strewn all over when you get home. Expect books and other mementos on the floor, scattered, when you get home. A vase or two will be broken. That expensive lampshade was probably not meant to live with a cabin-fevered pet. Will it survive a bored cat? You’ll find out the hard way.

You need to let your pet have fun and be as free as it can be, by getting a pet door. That means les clean up and all over tidying for you – you’ll be glad to have gotten that pet door, trust me. If you have a big house or a garden, that means your pets can have more space to round around in and have fun. So that means you may need not just one but a couple of pet doors.

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